A Temple or Pavilion dedicated to Reverence for Life


According to one source (a source that is not remembered by me very well at the present time), In ancient Israel, citizens used to pay to God "10-10-10".

That could probably be interpreted as being:

10% tithe, 10% alms, and 10% temple tax: which particular "10-10-10" would probably be such as "A-B-C":

A: 10% tithe "for God’s work", to help support the priests and the Levites, and to help support the widows and the orphans on their "welfare rolls" (if they had such welfare rolls back then); and

B: 10% alms:

1. Possibly for to help the "strangers, orphans and widows" (S.O.W.) and for the poor and for the infirm (P.I.); in other words, for those needy persons that may be encountered by private citizens in their daily lives, separate from the funding for the widows and orphans on the priests’ and Levites’ welfare rolls, supported by the tithes, apparently, and

2. For civic projects to benefit the whole nation: e.g., In the New Testament there is a relating of how a man (Was it a man named Cornelius?) "built a synagogue for our nation" ("nation" meaning probably the nation of Israel in the times of the Roman Empire), it possibly says somewhere in the New Testament (NT); and

C: 10% "temple tax" (which particular temple tax was apparently supposedly levied for purposes of paying to support the functioning of the Israelite government; similar to our secular government’s taxes of today).



However, there is no Judeo-Christian "Temple" at the present time to pay taxes concerning.

Although, concerning such a Judeo-Christian Temple, I personally would much rather see a Judeo-Christian Temple or Pavilion devoted to Reverence for Life and to Rescuing from Suffering, a Pavilion devoted to Life, rather than a Temple devoted to murder, suffering and death.

In other words, I would much rather have a Temple or Pavilion dedicated to Reverence for Life; with no sacrificial murder, nor any other type of murder, of anybody at all; not human nor animal, nor elsewise: not any sacrificial murder nor harm of any creature whatsoever.

Since there is no temple nowadays such as those taxes in the past were levied concerning, though, and since there is not, not yet anyways, such a Pavilion dedicated to Reverence for Life and to the Rescuing of creatures from life-threatening troubles and to the non-lethal Relieving of suffering, either, then possibly such a 10% temple tax amount could voluntarily be donated by persons to some worthwhile Judeo-Christian charitable organization or organizations such as to a "Reverence for Life, Liberty, and Compassion" Christian America Coalition, to help to defend Life and Liberty and Voluntary Agape-Love-Charity, and other such values.

Or, possibly an amount of such a 10% former temple tax could be set aside for investing for our Austere Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His possible need for "Earth-Rescuing-Funds" for when He returns from Heaven.

(Possibly the Lord is poor, too). And so that possibly anyways there could be more money with which to save the Earth and its population from general End-Time problems and troubles;

And nowadays, as well, possibly for God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and all the heavenly angels and for us to attempt to save Earth and our solar system with all its possibly now or in the future inhabited planets and moons from looming extreme earthly and cosmic difficulties and potential disasters.