Store Principles


1. The USA and Canada Only Online Store feature of this website is now open.  

2. Thank you yet still, however, on behalf of those jeopardized and destitute individual human beings and those jeopardized and destitute individual animal beings, including especially the orphans, who hopefully will be helped by your making direct contributions to the charitable organizations that help those besieged individuals.

3. Some of the contact information for some of those organizations is listed on the "Statement of Purpose" page of this website.

4. You can also help by clicking on one of the buttons available on many of the pages of this website that will enable you to try a 30 day free trial subscription to a online store website of your own. If after the 30 day free trial, you sign up for and pay about $90 for a 3 month subscription, or on a monthly basis, about $30 per month, to the website building company that I signed up with to make this website, and its many worthwhile features, with their easy to understand instructions:

5. Then by such subscribing, it will help this online store website to stay up and to be paid for, for another 3 months; thus helping both the partly penurious manager of this website to potentially better subsist; and potentially and hopefully to help rescue at least some of the multitudes of the so much more penurious and even destitute, human and animal individuals of the world, from otherwise certain misery and/or death.

6. May Almighty God help any such destitute one, whether human, or animal, or otherwise, needing to be rescued and to be saved; and may He help you, also.

7. Thank You, Almighty Lord God Jehovah of salvation, forgiveness, righteousness, holiness, purity, justice, mercy, faith, compassion, agape'-love, and true concern for the well being of others.