This short video, "One Drop of Blood", with Ray Boltz singing, depicts the truth of the principle that the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.  

Jesus loves you.  He voluntarily gave up His life to die on the Cross for everybody, including you, to save you and us and everybody else who requests mercy from God and is willing with help from God to change his/her heart and soul and behavior towards more righteous varieties of behavior.  Thus, we can be saved from the torments of hell.

May God thus save you and us and everybody else from hell and from all of our our sins;

And may God assure for each of us all a place in heaven so that we can live there with Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and with Him, Almighty Lord God Jehovah His Father and with the Holy Spirit and with the angels, and with all  humankind people as ourselves who have sincerely called out to God for God to forgive us of our sins, to, instead of being condemned to hell, to live there in heaven, with God, instead. 

That holy blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even only one single drop of that blood, the blood that in this video and that in eternity "fell to the scale" to tip the judicial balances in our favor, was all that was needed to completely cancel out all the charges against us; since our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was altogether holy, pure, and undefiled, and without any fault of His own; and therefore since His death thus was undeserved, that fact sets each and every one of us all who sincerely call out to Almighty God to ask His forgiveness; that fact sets us all completely free and clear.  

He did not deserve to die, at all.  Yet, He of His own free will gave up His life to save us.

One drop of his holy faultless blood that was shed for us once and for all time about 2,000 years ago on that cruel wooden Roman Empire Cross of executionary death was all that was needed to set us all completely free from all the accusations and charges against us; forever.