Family love for pets.

Pets often must do without what they may be inclined towards, concerning sex and married life. This fact may be disappointing to them.  

However, if it could somehow at all be possible to arrange for a married life for them and for both an animal family and for agape'-lovingly kind and capable human or good-willed-ly agape'-lovingly Godly caretakers as well, then it seems as though that would be much better for them.

Almighty God please help our animal friends with their needs for God's life protection and for agape'-love primarily; but also with wholesome eros-sex-love and wholesome-storge'-family-love as well.

And may God help those of us human beings who also have such needs: may we be helped, too.

Thank You in Jesus Christ's holy and compassionate and merciful Name.


So let these things be.  ("Amen").