First Knight

1.   Here is a 1995 movie called First Knight.  It is about the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  It stars in order of appearance, Ben Cross, Richard Gere, Julia Ormand, and Sean Connery.  

2.   Here is the trailer.  It has both good sound quality and good video quality.  Here is the link.  Just click on it: .

3.   Here is a link to .  Prices range from $2.99 SD rental to $12.99 HD purchase for online access.  Also, from $7.99 DVD to $16.99 Blu-ray, to purchase.  Just click on the link here: .


4.   Here is a film review of First Knight, by Roger Ebert.  Justclick on this link: .


 5.  Here is an excerpt called "the rain scene".  Just click on it: .


6.  Here is a First Knight "kissing scene" that results in charges of adultery against Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere.

It also shows the disappointment of King Arthur, who is Lady Guinevere's husband, as he walks in the door to the room where they are kissing.  Adulterous acts may leave the third party to feel left out and lonely. 

Here is the link.  Just click on it. . 


7.  First Knight movie clip:  Sir Lancelot is invited to join the Knights of the Round Table.

Just click on this link: .


7.  First Knight movie clip: "The Rebels attack the City" .

Just click on this link: .