Helpful broadcasters

1.  One very helpful radio broadcaster is KARI 550 Khz AM Blaine, Washington.  KARI provides many solid, sound Bible studies programs for everyone; and some more traditional Christian music at various times.  It can be listened to online at the following link: Just click on it here:

2.  Another helpful radio broadcaster is KWPZ 106.5 Mhz FM Lynden, Washington.  KWPZ plays mostly contemporary Christian music.  It can be listened to online at: .

3.  One helpful television broadcaster is Daystar Christian Television Network.  It can be watched on channel 18, Comcast cable television;  or it can be viewed online at the following link.  Just click on it here: .

4.  Another Helpful television broadcaster is Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  It can be viewed on channel 20, Comcast cable television.  It can also be viewed online at: .