Earthquake Safety

The "Triangle of Life" earthquake survival procedure was invented by Doug Copp, of American Rescue Team International (ARTI).

Life-Saving '"Triangle of Life" Earthquake Safety Procedure


If you cannot safely escape soon enough to the outdoors when you are within a building that you may be in when an earthquake is about to strike,

Then: before the earthquake does damage, try to shelter yourself within where a sturdy "triangle" might result when roofs, and/or walls, and/or ceiling beams, etc., might fall crashing down on top of your location.

Therefore, conceivably, within that strong triangular-shaped region, you possibly might not be crushed by the falling debris; you then being within that "Triangle of Life".

To quote Doug Copp, from "Doug Copp's blog", the inventor of the "Triangle of Life" survival technique procedure: 

"The triangle of life is a space formed beside objects like sofas or other furniture when the roof falls on them. It is important that it is resists compression when the roof or wall falls on it. This safe space is called the 'triangle of life'. The larger the object, the heavier and stronger, it is the less it will compact. The less the object compacts under the weight, the greater the size of the empty space or hole beside it, and the greater the possibility that the person using that space will not be injured." 

-From an interview with Douglas Copp, expert in Rescue from Worldwide Disasters. 
-Posted on febrero 24, 2016 by Roberto Bustamante-Exclusivo . 
"The Forces of Good Help Save Lives in Great Disasters." 

"The Discoverer of The Triangle of Life, Doug Has Saved 300,000 Lives. The World's Most experienced, at 100+Major Disasters and 896 Collapsed Buildings."

"Duck and cover" as a supposed earthquake survival method has been strongly criticized by rescue expert Doug Copp; with him referring to buildings during an earthquake whose floors collapse down on each other; which is what has been known as "pancaking" because after the collapsing is over with, the floors and ceilings end up stacked down upon each other, as if they were a stack of pancakes; crushing the material contents and living people who were previously living and alive on those floors of those buildings.  

Children who attempted to "duck and cover" and to prospectively shelter themselves underneath school desks were crushed into just inches of dead biomass and thus killed by the collapsing building floors and ceilings.

If instead they had attempted to find a sturdy triangular space to resort to, to station themselves within, rather than to seek refuge underneath a flimsy school desk and rather than to attempt to shelter themselves in a doorway; if they had sought out instead, a sturdy triangular region to station themselves within, they might have survived.


For life-saving earthquake survival procedures advice, and information about the Triangle of Life survival technique principle, please click on this link to the American Rescue Team International website: 



Earthquake Warning Alarms


Here is where you can link to purchase Earthquake Warning Alarms that give off an alert signal just before the damaging part of an earthquake arrives; such a signal that might allow at least a short little time to quickly get to the outside of the building you and others are in; and/or to otherwise prepare for the earthquake; such as by following the "Triangle of Life" self-and-others rescue technique:


Just click on the following link: . 


Here is a depiction about volcanoes and about how subduction zone earthquakes might cause such volcanoes to erupt and to eject volcanic plumes of hot rocks and hot pyroclastic flows and tephra gases and to cause hot mud flows called lahars to flow quickly down their steep slopes to the streams and valleys below them; to potentially cause much destruction.



According to some sources, there has been predicted to occur a huge magnitude 9.0 to 9.2 earthquake, and its associated aftershocks, and their resulting plausibly 100 foot or higher, plausibly even many hundreds of feet high, tsunami groups of giant water waves repeatedly crashing and surging into and over the Pacific Northwest coastal regions cities and towns; wreaking havoc in multitudes of places with much threat to life; although with hopefully not any loss of life: none at all, would much better; and with potentially much destruction of essential life-rescuing, and life-sustaining infrastructure, search and rescue facilities and personnel, and other essential property and resources.

Here is a link about volcanoes. 

Just click on this link:  .


The July 9, 1958 Lituya Bay, Alaska rockslide-caused tsunami was possibly over 1,720 feet high; although it was only a local event, apparently.

Here is a link to a website that discusses the Lituya Bay incident.  Just click on this link: .




Please see this link about the predicted Pacific Northwest 9.0-9.2 mega-quake:   .



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And also this link about "scary facts" about tsunamis: .



And also this link about prospective tsunami inundation for various Washington State localities concerning such a prospective megaquake's causing tsunamis:   .



And here is a possibly more encouraging link about research into a better earthquake and tsunami warning system:   .




Could a single tsunami wave that is part of a repeatingly onshore-crashing/surging tsunami group of giant waves like this giant single tsunami wave which is depicted here, ever happen?

On July 9, 1958, at Lituya Bay, Alaska, a steep mountain rockslide-caused tsunami shaved trees off of mountain slopes around Lituya Bay up to 1,720 feet high up. Conceivably, such could happen elsewhere; wherever there might be rocks or other debris that could fall from high up on a mountainside into bay water or lake water or large river stream water.

Also, thousands of years ago, allegedly there occurred an enormous 5,000 foot high tsunami that destroyed the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete in the vicinity of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, near to Greece;

Although, in that particular ancient society and culture, they apparently engaged in the abhorrent, heinous practice of doing human sacrificing; thus murdering innocent people; which may explain why they were destroyed by Almighty God by that tsunami destruction: they did malevolence to other creatures in spite of what their consciences might have been telling them.

Perhaps if we people nowadays were to repent enough to intend to do better and to ask God for forgiveness of our sins, and if we were to attempt to treat more kindly the destitute human beings of the world and the destitute animals of the world and the destitute orphans and widows and vagabond homeless and poor people of our world, and also to treat each other more kindly, then perhaps we would not need to attempt to resort to altitudes above that 5,000 feet in order to attempt to be spared by God; of death and destruction otherwise hurled by Nature towards us.

May Almighty Lord God Jehovah hear our sincere pleas to Him for mercy; in the holy and merciful and compassionate Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who voluntarily gave Himself up to die on that Calvary wooden Cross of executionary death some 2,000 years ago during the brutal reign of the Roman Empire back then, on our behalf so that we could escape eternal hell by our calling out to Almighty God in His Name, asking God to forgive us of each one of us's sins; and asking for Him to save each and every one of us.

Thus, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ voluntarily gave up His life for us. May He thus have mercy on us and save us and give us His Holy Spirit to help us.

Thank You, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Praise to Yah. Hallel-u-yah. Hallelujah.

If Almighty God wanted to destroy us, He probably could find a way of doing so; regardless of how high up we were on some mountain or wherever else; or whatever else we could think up in our feeble attempts to escape His punishment for our not repenting;

Although, it yet still might be practical and prudent to avoid being foolish concerning such potential catastrophes at lower altitudes too close to the coasts of where tsunamis have been predicted to strike; and other such practicalities such as learning about the "Triangle of Life" earthquake survival procedure; or such as becoming aware about where rocks or other debris might fall into lakes, or bays, or large river streams to cause local tsunamis; or as to concerning earthquakes that might cause those tsunamis that might arrive from distant lands' shores; or tsunamis that might be caused by sea-quakes; and/or concerning Hurricanes; and/or other storms; and/or other potential dangers.

However, Almighty God loves us and is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and a knowledge of the truth.

As Dr. David Jeremiah of the radio and television shows called "Turning Point"; which said radio shows are broadcast at
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As Dr. David Jeremiah has said:

"God loves you. He always has. He always will."

Romans 5:8, NKJV. "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."