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Essay #8:

Possibly insecure security:

After four years of university studies at Washington
State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington (1967-
1971) without managing to graduate; and after about
two years of college at The Evergreen State College
(TESC) in Olympia, Washington (1972-1974), also
without managing to graduate; in August of 1974, I
attended a mathematics conference in Vancouver,
British Columbia.

I had reasoned that even though most of the lectures
and presentations would probably be "over my head",
i.e., not very much comprehend-ible by me, my not
having proceeded very much beyond multi-variable
calculus and my having failed differential equations
at WSU;

That however, by my listening anyways to the
discussions and talk that would be being presented;
and by my viewing the symbols and equations liable to
be presented on the chalkboards or on whatever else;
that I could somehow benefit academically anyways,
concerning such;

At least somewhat; me thinking that I could
"familiarize" myself with the sounds and appearances
of the symbols and the mathematical concepts that
would be presented at the conference; those symbols
and mathematics concepts that later on I might
encounter in my college/university studies; that I
later might need to, or desire to learn, in classes at

I possibly reasoned that that attending of the
mathematics conference might help me to learn those
concepts more easily; it possibly being similar to a
kind of "immersion" principle of learning;

As persons sometimes involve themselves with when they
involve themselves with learning a foreign language
sometimes in modern life; or

As young children possibly do when they hear their
parents' speaking, and when they hear other persons

Then they as children eventually learn to speak better
for themselves than they might do otherwise; had they
not listened to other persons speaking those words in
their daily living experiences, beforehand.

I did experience some benefits of the conference;
including my obtaining some free "History of
Mathematics" wall posters produced by IBM, one of
which I later put up on one of the hallway walls of
the TESC Learning Services Center, where I later had
become employed as a TESC student computer consultant;

And also some helpful fatherly and/or teacherly advice by one of the mathematics personnel there who counselled me concerning practicalities of daily life that I had been having difficulties with.  He said something like "If you get too much money, you can give some of it away; so don't worry about it."

One of the presentations at the mathematics conference there though, was a lecture titled, "The bandwidth of human vision" or some such title as that.

The mentioning of that concept caused me to wonder, however: If there is an electronic "signal" going from a person's eyes to a person's brain;

Then can such a
signal be received by radio receiver technology and
recorded and processed?

Could unknown persons be monitoring what I view with
my eyes, and what I might be experiencing with my
other senses of hearing, touch, taste, and smell?

There is a secular or possibly even demonic occult
teachings insinuation that there exists the
possibility of engaging in various Extra Sensory
Perception (ESP) para-psychological, para-normal
activities such as telepathy, and "clairaudience"
(which seems related to "hearing voices"); and other such supposed abilities, including what has been referred to as
"clairvoyance", (a supposed ability to view distance
scenes para-normally; whatever it may allegedly

Also seemingly relatedly, there is also the not-very-long-ago-studied but referred-to in the news press,
scientific/technological principle of "Remote Viewing" as allegedly has been studied by Stanford University.

Over the years since that time of the mathematics
conference in Vancouver, B.C. in August 1974, I have wondered about those allegedly true concepts and related topics;

And I have come to believe that
possibly sometimes, that there may actually be persons who, having discovered that the plausible
electromagnetic signals that may radiate out from the
human body, which said signals possibly may emanate from human muscles and/or nerves;

That those signals coming from one person's body can be electronically received by an antenna and receiver and then recorded and then transmitted by an antenna and transmitter to another person's muscles and nerves; with such information possibly being able to be "played back" and beamed to a willing, or even to an un-willing recipient of such signals; to
potentially, and possibly also tormentingly, to cause
curious and obnoxious phenomena in such an
unsuspecting and/or unwilling ignorant person; and/or
conceivably, even in an aware but non-consenting
individual, also.

Ostensibly there also may be "live" linking up of one
individual with another individual; whether or not
both parties are willing or not to subject themselves
to each other; and even that if one individual
objects, they seem to tend to not have mercy on him,
but to link someone
else with him, anyways; in spite of his/her

I have experienced such difficulties myself, or at
least so it seems so.

Persons thus may be attempting recorded-signals-ly
and/or real-time-ly signals-ly to torment me or to
torment whomever else they wish to; and to "talk out
of my mouth, and/or out of other persons' mouths"; whether such is
against my will, and/or their wills; or not.

Almighty God: please save everybody wanting to be

Possibly with such persons who might do such
tormenting of such unsuspectingly ignorant, or aware,
victims then: they supposedly are being able to use
even only such simple facilitating equipment such as
even only ordinary stereophonic equipment normally
used for playing music or radio broadcasts; combined
with computer processing equipment; for to receive
electromagnetic signals via an antenna and amplifier
and/or receiver; to receive such signals from a
person; and/or for to transmit
such types of electromagnetic signals via such a
similar antenna and/or an amplifier and/or transmitter
into a person; whether the person consents to such
activities, or not; to cause such tormenting;

And/or also, there might be persons who research out
and find and use such related neurological science
concepts; and who might possibly also use
psychologically enabling drugs; to enable them to
detect the sensory information coming from
unsuspecting persons' muscles and/or nerves
(including, plausibly, the electromagnetic signals
coming from a person's hands and fingers and arms
muscles and nerves such that a person's signature
pattern or signature patterns could be found out, thus
facilitating forgeries of an accurate sort, possibly;
and/or to transmit overpowering "commands" to the
unwilling person's body muscles and nerves; in spite
of the unwilling person's objecting and/or not
consenting to such overpowering.

Please see the other essays on this my website, whose
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and to, muscles and nerves; namely Essay #15 and Essay
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Possibly such knowledge and methods and techniques can
even be used by "churls" and/or by "juvenile
delinquents" and/or even by criminals and/or even by
enemy soldiers and/or by other enemy personnel such
that they could somehow be:

1. "Seeing what I see with my eyes" and:

2. "Hearing what I hear with my ears" and:

3. "Feeling what I am feeling"; concerning my sense of
touch, and similarly concerning:

4. "Tasting what I am tasting"; concerning my sense of
taste and:

5. "Smelling what I am smelling"; concerning my sense
of smell, etc..


1. Thus, when I get my Personal Identification ("PI")
bank account Number/identifying-password (my
"PIN"/password) in the mail; then those persons,
and/or other persons, might find out about it as I
view such information with my eyes.

Similarly there might be "information security
leakings" problems with other "secret" information,
such as: such persons and/or other persons finding out
my personal information by such methods; such as by
them non-legitimately, and acting-against-my-will,
somehow thusly accessing my home computer access
passwords, and internet website passwords, and other
types of passwords; and also combination-lock
combination numbers; and plausibly, access to security
codes of many other types.

2. Furthermore, it is even conceivable that by
photographing with a camera that has a telephoto lens;
or by looking with a person's own unaided eyes right
at the ridges of a person's own house key or apartment
key, or car key or truck key, or post office box key,
etc., that somehow, such as:

By using electronic and computer processing of either:

A. The photographic information stored in such a
camera; or

B. By using electronic and computer processing of the
video signal coming from a person's eyes;

That the ridges pattern of a key could be found out
about; and then a duplicate key thus possibly could be

Thus making for possible threats to a person's own
security, and/or to a person's family security, and/or
to community, and/or to state, and/or to national
and/or to planetary and/or to solar system security
(if there is, or could in the future be, a need for
such a security variety as "planetary security" and/or
"solar system security", anyways); etc...

Also, I have come to believe that those persons
mentioned in the above paragraphs as possibly being
able to access my sensory information of sight,
hearing, taste, smell, and touch; that they actually
do experience my sensory information (of sight,
hearing, taste, smell and touch): and since I thus
have arrived at the belief that they do do so; I have
sometimes found that it is frequently seemingly not
that convenient or practical, sociologically, to
believe in such:

3. I have arrived at the belief that those non-
legitimate "snooping" persons also somehow manage to
access my "spiritual thoughts" and my "soulical
thoughts" and also my memories of my spiritual and
soulical thoughts, as well;


4. Therefore I feel even less secure because of those
apparent abilities and potentially-malicious
activities of those possibly ill-intentioned
individuals and groups.

5. Thus, if there be any "secrets" of my own life, or
if there be any secrets of my family, community,
state, nation, planet, or solar system, etc.; that
thus, those secrets may be being found out about by
those possibly malevolently-intentioned-individuals
and malevolently-intentioned-groups; as mentioned.

6. I have also from time to time become concerned
about the potential problems of possible
electromagnetic overpowerings of people; and related

7. May Almighty Lord God Jehovah have mercy on each
and every one of us; in our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ's holy and compassionate and merciful Name.


Many years ago, circa 1975, my inadequately not having
attended a Biblically-sound Protestant Christian
church regularly enough, and my not reading/studying
The Holy Bible daily enough, nor praying to God daily
or more frequently, enough; and my un-wise, timid
brooding about such ESP and spying technology
concepts, led to my becoming somewhat more paranoid
than I usually was, and led to my sociological
alienation from the civilized world in the name of
"paranoid schizophrenia"; with so many of its
encumbrances and difficulties.

6. An additional note: Many years ago, I saw on a
television drama show about how a criminal gained
access to a key just for a few minutes (or even for
only tens of seconds) and then made an imprint of the
key by pressing it into a wad of modeling clay or a
clump of wax, etc., such that a pattern of it could be
made and such that a key could later be duplicated and
an identical duplicate key formed.


A. What possibly presently-existing varieties of keys
and locks could be implemented that could help us all
in civilization to more adequately defend ourselves
and others against such problems?

B. What research into new and better key and lock
designs, such as those that might cover and keep
covered the ridge patterns of the key from optical
observation and from tactical imprinting, would also
be worthwhile?

In my opinion, such potential research concerning

1. Implementation of existing, more adequate lock and
key designs; and

2. Also concerning research into new and better key
and lock designs;

3. Should be started immediately.

C. There is another thorny difficult comprehend a
solution concerning, problem: which if someone claims
to be the person whose apartment or room he has
allegedly been locked out of; but who is actually an
impostor, and not the person whose room it actually

1. All that is needed is temporary access to the key
and a clump of wax or modelling clay; perhaps.

2. And what might result, then?


D. I do not know what exactly else for right now
would be good to attempt to do to combat these
potentially devastating onslaughts and threats.


May our all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, all-
merciful almighty Lord God Jehovah (or "YHWH", or
"Yahovah", or "Yahweh", or "Yahuwah"); and His all-
knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, all-merciful holy
Son, our Lord (and Savior) Jesus Christ ( or "Adonai Yahoshua ha Mashiakh", or "Adonai Yahshua ha Mashiakh" ? (-I do not know how to say "Savior" in Hebrew)), may God help each and
every one of us all who may need and want help from
them; with God's Holy Spirit ("Ruach ha Kodesh"); and
with their prospective almighty help for us from
heaven up above.

Thank You, prospectively, almighty Lord God Jehovah,
and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and please help
us with your Holy Spirit.