Essay #23

Innocent versus Guilty

Perhaps it could be said to be a true concept that often in reality the innocent get killed in order to benefit the guilty.

Possibly a motive behind having such a Israelite/Judaic system of animal sacrifices whereby the relatively innocent and faultless animal is deemed worthy of being murdered to allow a guilty human being to go free and escape punishment for his/her crimes or sins, even for possibly capital crimes and sins;

Such a motive might have been intended to show, or to demonstrate to onlookers or to ignorant persons in general, how often it happens that way in reality in the real world: The innocent get killed or murdered in order to benefit the guilty.

And then after showing that that mishap occurs in the real world naturally; (as a matter of the natural course of real world events); and then that such similar doing of evil to an innocent animal in order to forgive an evil human murderer, for example;

That then, such doing of evil on behalf of the guilty, such as on the behalf of an evil human murderer; although seemingly practical concerning supposedly helping the guilty human being person; or concerning guilty human beings, plural; that such a system could be thought of as somewhat needing to be improved on; especially concerning the viewpoint of considering the poor animal whose life is thus considered as cheap and not worth saving.  

Thus, it would seem to be much better to have a more merciful system of forgiving wrongdoers to take its place; which said more merciful system's protocols and requirements could hopefully become a better, more ethical, more moral, and more kinder set of activities to engage in, instead;

Since such a prospective more compassionate system hopefully could be kinder to the animals;

For example:

Such as is potentially helped with by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's atoning work of rescuing us by His voluntarily submitting Himself to die on our behalf on the Roman Calvary Cross of executionary crucifixion death 2,000 years ago during the cruel and brutal Roman Empire; and this approximate quote of John the Baptist's remark: "Behold the Lamb of God who is taking away the sins of the world."

From the Blue Letter Bible of the Internet, here is a more exact wording of that quote: John 1:29, from the New King James Version (NKJV):


Jhn 1:29


Jhn 1:29

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"


Author's note:

Here is a link to a short musical video which seemingly can be thought of as related to these concepts.  The name of the video is "Watch the Lamb".  It can found at the following link:   .



Also, here is a link presenting Ray Boltz singing a song that shows that even one drop of blood that was shed by our Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on our behalf is enough to cancel all the charges against us concerning our previous sin-guiltiness; before we asked Almighty God to forgive us of all our sins in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: He sings the phrase "One drop of blood fell to the scale".  Here is the song sung by Ray Boltz.  It is called "One Drop of Blood": .




And here is Ray Boltz singing "The Anchor holds"; with the lyrics included: .



And here is an encouraging video, called "He'll do it again", with lyrics.  Just click on this link: .