Essay #21 Some potential dangers of allowing mis-usings of speech recognition software.

Some potential dangers of allowing mis-usings of speech recognition software:

There now has been on the market a computer software package that facilitates changing spoken words into typed words text in a computer's memory.

It has been called "Dragon"; which is perhaps aptly named, because of how that the speech information that possibly can be accumulated over a period of time, how that that particular information can be mis-used by unscrupulous persons; concerning how the sounds components parts of the voice of the person who spoke into the Dragon computer software program can be recorded and computer processed.

Presumably, once the Dragon computer program can recognize a person’s voice with all of its pitches, and it’s beginnings of the soundings of words and syllables; and it’s endings of the soundings of words and syllables; and it’s soundings of consonants; and it’s soundings of vowels; etc:

Once that type of information is collected together and is recorded into computer memory, it becomes thusly plausible to, by means of computer programming, to synthesize speech that may sound exactly like the person's speech whose voice has thusly been recorded and computer processed; that person probably whose only errors were to input his/her speech into the Dragon speech recognition program, or other speech recognition program; with it becoming ostensibly possible, however, for a user of such spoken words memory information to become able to cause there to occur synthesized vocal speech that can be sent to who knows whom, to who knows where, and who knows when:

Such computer-synthesized vocal speech that supposedly could say most anything that the user of such recorded speech information wants it to say; even if the user of such a speech synthesis program is ulteriorly-motivated.

Thus, a criminal may lure an unsuspecting person into danger via a telephone call that sounds just like a person that the person knows.  

Remember one or those films (such as one possibly called The Terminator) starring Arnold Schwarzneggar when he or the evil supercop called someone on the telephone and made himself sound just like a family member of the person that he was trying to do evil to as he called them on the telephone?

Or, persons may be caused to believe that such and such a friend of theirs has just insulted them over the telephone; when actually they may not have insulted them at all; with such an apparent insulting being only a mis-synthesizing of the person's voice who was, by means of computer synthesis of speech, made to be seeming as if that person had just insulted the other person.

Also, I.D. Theft by phone call thus becomes more possible, possibly subjecting persons’ bank accounts to be able to be drained unexpectedly by juvenile delinquents and/or adult criminals posing as the bank accounts’ owners.

Possibly though, such mis-uses were not intended by the originators of Dragon. Apologies may therefore be in order.

And nowadays, there are many other speech recognition mechanisms apparently in common use in civilization; such as when over the telephone, callers are frequently asked to speak their responses into the telephone's microphone so that the computer which may be receiving such input can process the information to determine the words or other information that was spoken by them.

However, the potential for abuse of such speech recognition software seems very real:

Such as possibly, for example, because as a schizophrenic, this past few years I have "heard" my mother and family members from time to time "online" in my mind; they being towards me however, seeming to be very caustic, corrosive, derogatory, belittling, accusative, un-forgiving, and seeming to be functioning towards me in a manner that could be thought of as very unkind and un-Christianly towards me; them not seeming to be being as merciful towards others as Christians are instructed in the Holy Bible so to be; although I myself am also guilty of not being as forgiving of other persons' seemingly faulty behaviors towards me and towards others' behaviors as I probably should be, myself, though.

But also, however, those persons of my family, and others, have seemed to threaten my life via what might have been the supposedly real "telepathy" of possibly what, in the book titled The Holy Spirit and You, according to authors Reverend Dennis Bennett and Rita Bennett, charismatic Episcopalian minister and his wife, of Saint Luke's Episcopalian Church, of Seattle, Washington, c.1967-1975: what those authors have said that there can be, apparently; what those authors call deception by powerful evil demons of the Devil, who allegedly can make it seem as though ESP and telepathy are real, when it is actually only the demons, the Devil , and God and the angels who have such abilities, possibly.

Someone else has said that when there was a separating out of the angels in Heaven into those angels for Jehovah God and those for Lucifer the Devil, with possibly 2/3 of those angels ending up being loyal to, and for God, and with 1/3 of those angels becoming fallen, and for the devil, for Lucifer, i.e., in other words, for Satan and the devil; that those fallen angels became demons who made efforts to work evil against God's Creation; including them making efforts to do evil towards mankind and towards the animals.

Watchman Nee, a Chinese Christian preacher who has been referred to on the back of the book covers of some of his books as a steadfast symbol to the West as an opponent against oppressive Soviet-era totalitarian human government; or there being some such description as that of him on the backs of those paperback books authored by him, anyways; he has said in one of his books, possibly The Spiritual Man, by him, by Watchman Nee; he has said of such evil spirits something such as: "They possess an ability to communicate with man’s mind that man does not possess."