Please help rescue efforts: Destitute individuals are in jeopardy of their very lives.


Starvation stalks the world's destitute poor. 

Destitute animals, as well as destitute human beings, who cannot manage to find adequate clean water and clean, nutritious food in adequate amounts; they continue to attempt to find such clean water and sufficient nutritious food to sustain themselves; but they hope for someone to help them.  Almighty God, and God's helpers: please help them.

Through each of us voluntarily accepting the holy life and death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on behalf of each of us's soul's salvation, since He, Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, voluntarily died on that cruel Roman Empire Cross of Executionary Death about 2,000 years ago, on our behalf to rescue us; as "paid in full" payment for our personal  righteousness/unrighteousness debts; to thusly forgive us of all of our manifold sins and faults;

So that we can truly be forgiven of all of our sins; including the sins of our indifference, ignorance, and/or forgetting about those who are starving to death; 

And/or forgetting or being indifferent or apathetic or opposing help for those who are in jeopardy in other ways. 

We should, however, after accepting that voluntary-self-sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that He gave to us in forgiveness of our sins; we should, with God's help, attempt to do more to help others who are in need of help; or at least to offer such help to them; leaving them free choice about such matters.

Therefore, we should not allow ourselves to remain so indifferent, ignorant, forgetful, or apathetic.  Neither should we allow ourselves to remain in such a condition of not making much more effective efforts to help those who need to be rescued.

May God have mercy on me; and on everyone else who does not yet acknowledge inadequacy in personal capability and performance matters; for to attempt better, with God's help, to improve self-capability and self-performance in order to obtain gainful employment for pay to hopefully earn more adequate amounts of money enough for personal subsistence purposes;

And to ask Almighty God for His help to better be able to donate money to those helpful Christian relief organizations to give those destitute human people and destitute animal people the essential clean water and nutritious food and medical care and agape'-love and other essential rescuing and God's holy word preaching that they need to be saved and to be restored to good health to remain alive and to have hope of salvation because of.

And for me and others to attempt, with God's help, to also attempt to more effectively help those destitute human beings and destitute animal beings concerning helping with the possibilities of helping with making their good spiritual salvation and good soulical salvation and good somatic health and good financial independence health as well; to as much good extent as can be done; at least for now as much as can be managed to be helped with.

Almighty Lord God Yahuwah, please help me concerning those and other needs of mine; and please help anyone else needing and wanting Your holy help.  

And thank You, Lord and Savior Yashua Jesus Christ the Messiah; Lord God Yahuwah's only begotten holy son, You Who voluntarily gave up Your life to save me and to save anyone else needing and wanting to be saved; hopefully somehow saving all of Your creatures and our pitiable animal friends, as well.

May Almighty God thusly so help each and every one of us all with such needs.

Thank You, God.


I remember a quote of the Holy Bible concerning this considering of the animals' souls as worthy of attempting to save; although I remember it as 'to every living creature'; not 'to every creature'. 

However, here is how the Blue letter Bible of the Internet renders Mark 16:15. 


Mar 16:15

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.