Essay #15:

Plausibly occurring, "simple" apparent electromagnetic emanations ("eme's") from and to muscles and nerves

Part 1: Plausible electromagnetic emanations (eme's) from the muscles and nerves of my left leg.

When I was enrolled at Washington State University 1967-1971, we had a Physics Laboratory class in which we were preparing to use a multi-channel chart recorder.

Just before we were to hook someone up to the multi-channel chart recorder however, and before any wires were connected up to me or to anyone else, as far as I remember it, I jerked my left leg up and then down.

To my surprise however, the ink pen armature of one or more of the channels of the multi-channel chart recorder then suddenly jumped! It was very curious and interesting that that had happened.

Had there been electromagnetic emanations (eme's) that had radiated out from the muscles and nerves of my left leg as I jerked my left leg up and down, and then had those eme's impinged on some part of the circuitry of the multi-channel chart recorder to cause the ink pen needle mechanism to jerk up and down also?

Part 2: When I was at a library once, possibly the library of The Evergreen State College (TESC), I browsed/read some literature which discussed historical observations by early scientific experimentors concerning electric sparks generated on one side of a room; emanations that apparently caused a pair of legs from a murdered frog to twitch; which said legs had been hung from a support on the other side of the room; those legs apparently being caused, when such emanations were created on the other side of the room, on the far side of the room, to twitch.

Thus, both

1. Relatively simple electromagnetic emanations being therefore apparently given off by muscles and nerves to cause the multi-channel chart recorder armature to jump;

And also:

2. Relatively simple electromagnetic emanations somehow apparently causing muscles to twitch.