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Essay #9:


Plausible "pain-causing-rays":

As probably is the case as with many others, from time to time I have experienced pain; now seemingly with my having contracted osteoarthritis, almost continuously. I have osteoarthritis in my legs, and lower back pain, and bursitis/tendonitis from time to time in my upper arms; and other ailments.

Sometimes it seems as though some types of pain start up when I happen to think something controversial.

I have also thought, and "thought-voices in my mind" have seemed to indicate, that there might be either juvenile delinquents wielding pain-causing particle beam weapons at me or that there are foreign nations that might be aiming and firing at me such particle weapons from orbit or from nearby automobiles or from wherever else; in reaction to my thoughts and deeds; whether such may be by modern-era Marxist leftists not appreciating my "anti-Socialist thinking" or by modern-era neo-Nazis not appreciating my "liberalism".

It has also entered my mind that my mother (or could such be an "alternate ego" or "alter-" ego or "iso-psyche" of hers?); that my mother is putting it on her agenda to eliminate my life because of her hating me so much (as is described a little in other essays that I have written).

Or could such probable delusions be due to some bad, or even evil, anti-Christian entity that wants to defame or to destroy my mother by getting people to believe that she is the person responsible for some crime or severe misdemeanor; and/or to destroy me for my faults too and for my attempts at remaining a practicing Christian, as well?

Possibly relatedly, somehow the concepts occur that there might be juvenile delinquents, family members, and even criminal elements such as thieves and murderers, or foreign armies personnel that might be intentionally trying to "weed out" "undesirable" persons or persons who might be Americans at heart or who might side with America or who might side with other allegedly freedom-loving nations or groups or individuals, against them, were there ever to occur a war or revolution or some such thing as that.

Radar allegedly can detect water in rain clouds and falling rain. It also then possibly can detect other water-containing objects, such as plant tissues and animal body tissues, and human body tissues, as well.

Possibly valid also, is the idea that such radar electromagnetic waves or microwaves, can penetrate wooden buildings, or other types of buildings because most of the structures of matter have atoms and molecules as mostly consisting of empty space (or so go the reasonings such as those). 

Or, the materials that the building is made out of may be transparent to the particular wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation such as radar involves.

Along with these concepts is the idea that fishermen and/or other boaters with radar on their boats and/or ships have trained their radars towards buildings on land, and that they have seen through the walls of those buildings to observe individuals inside of those buildings, and that they have somehow used "Google Earth" and GPS and such systems to locate those "undesirable" persons or other targets, and then have either used ordinary guns and weapons against those targets;

And/or also such persons may have used more modern weapons such as particle beam weapons or lasers or masers or ir-asers or x-rasers from earth street vehicles or from orbit.  Although, as to how weapons of those types could be being wielded from orbiting satellites by ordinary people, is not yet known about by this author; and it is only seeming to be what might be going on, anyways. Not much has been, nor is it likely to be, very easily proveable, I suppose.

Thus, it seems plausible that once a person has been identified as thinking particular "non-legitimate" or "non-legal" or "unappreciated" thoughts, or in some other way has been determined by someone to "be in the way" of "the Powers that be"; that such a person might come to be in the dangerous position of possibly "becoming a target".

We might thereby be possibly be being systematically eliminated, "one-by-one"; possibly by such earth-located and orbit-located "sighting" devices, procedures and weapons, wielded by modern "snipers" who may be using such sighting and locating devices and mechanisms and new gun varieties such as particle-beam weaponry to assist them with their sniping.

May God help each and every one of all of us human beings; and may God help our beloved precious pets; and others of God's heart-loved creatures of Creation that plausibly may be in such varieties of jeopardy, and/or in other varieties of jeopardy.

Thank you Almighty Lord God Jehovah, for your Almighty agape' love and forgiveness of sins for us; and for your prospective other help for us; and for Your Holy Spirit which has been promised to us by Your Holy Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Yahshua Christ.