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Essay #5: Save the deer and other innocent creatures


Save the deer and other innocent creatures from being murdered or harmed in any way; whether by hunting or by fishing or by trapping; or whether by factory farm slaughtering or by ordinary farm slaughtering or by any other murdering, or by any other harming or by any other hurting in any way, at all:

"Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you", (not an exact verbatim quote yet), is a maxim taught to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, (or alternately expressed, by Jesus the Christ, or by Jesus the Messiah, or by Yahshua ha Meshiakh, or by Joshua the Messiah, or by Joshua the Anointed One), in at least one of the four gospels of the New Testament of the Holy Bible, which allegedly was originally intended to apply primarily to relationships between human beings.

It can be reasoned however, that such beliefs and practices concerning attempting to practice kindness towards others can, and even should be applied towards animals as well, as is frequently the case concerning pet owners and animal caretakers' love and kindness towards "companion" animals and animals of other varieties.   In other words, such principles of good will towards others as is applied by individuals and families towards "pets", and towards other cared-for animals, (such as towards cats, dogs, horses, birds, fishes, gerbils, ferrets, and hamsters, etc.), should be applied towards other animals as well.

Furthermore, such love and concern for the well-being of individuals' and families' pet animals should also be applied towards each and every one of all the other animals in the world, as well.

Such should be the case, particularly towards docile or innocent animals, and particularly towards animals that are primarily or entirely referred to as "prey" animals, or referred to as "game" animals, such as towards deer, antelope, elk, moose, rabbits, sheep, geese, ducks, and goats, and many others; even all others.

At first glance, it ostensibly would seem to be not needed to have compassion so much towards vicious predatory animals such as towards lions, hyenas, tigers, wolves, and mankind, etc.

However, such predatory animals also themselves have personalities and friendliness sides as well as their more violent sides, and we should have mercy on them, also. 

Therefore, even without seeing any friendliness sides in such animals, perhaps there could be researched and developed more effective methods of protecting the innocent whilst yet still attempting to consider the plight of the guilty such that persons would somehow have enough mercy on those predatory animals to spare their lives also, that would not be dangerous to either human beings or to prey animals or to other animals in general or to anyone else innocently involved. 

Such efforts would seem to be worthwhile to attempt to research and to develop.


Please see the following:

1. The Internet article, "Reprogramming Predators: Blueprint for a Cruelty-Free World", by David Pearce.

2. The online video series of 7 segments called "Towards the Abolition of Suffering" by David Pearce; which is apparently a presentation of a lecture titled "The Fate of the Meat World" possibly also by David Pearce. 

3.  A Place for Revelation: Sermons on Reverence for Life" , a book by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

4.  "Was Jesus a Vegetarian?" , an  internet article by Keith Akers on the website, .

5.  What the Bible Really Says , an online book by Janet Regina Hyland (also known as J.R. Hyland) on the website associated with the online magazine called Humane Religion (HR) magazine. .

6.  Would Jesus Eat Meat today? , a substantive booklet by the Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA); available from the CVA at for until present limited copies run out.  Please help with advocating the keeping of this excellent booklet in print.  Such help would be appreciated and worthwhile. 

7.  "The Slaughter of the Innocent" an online article, apparently authored by J.R. Hyland included in the list of articles on the Humane Religion (HR) online magazine website.  Please see website at .


Some form of food for human beings and animals alike, other than food obtained from murdering or harming animals or human beings; i.e., in other words, other than food obtained from harming anyone; would be better to have available for consumption by each and every one of all of us creatures of God who have been created by our All-Loving Creator and Almighty Father God Yahoveh;

Some better sources of such food for consumption by us human beings and by animals alike, is needed; and hopefully such cruelty-free food could be obtained and used, both for human food use and for animal food use, instead.

"Praise (ye) the Lord!" -from Webster's New World College Dictionary, Third Edition, Victoria Neufeldt, Editor in Chief, and David B. Guralnik, Editor in Chief Emeritus, Macmillan, USA 1996.

Praise to Yah. Hallel-u-yah. Hallel-u-jah. Hallelujah.

Praise to Jehovah. Praise to Yahoveh.  Praise to God.

Life should be mercifully spared.

Factory farms should immediately cease to slaughter or to murder or to harm anyone.

Family farms, and other animal raising activities, should also refrain from harming anyone, voluntarily if possible; and if not, then otherwise.

Hunting and fishing and steel-jaw leg-hold trapping and injuring or killing of animals or others, and any other trapping or activity where malevolence towards innocent animals or others is involved or premeditated and intentional, where innocent lives are lost, should be abandoned entirely and should be prohibited.

However, voluntary trips  to visit the woods or anywheres in the cities and towns and countrysides, and even to other states or elsewhere, generally speaking, and/or to experience Nature, and/or to explore wilderness, or to rescue creatures, whether human or animal or elsewise, etc,  should not however be interfered with in any way; as long as no one is harmed; and as long as irreparable damage is not done, for example, to wilderness to-be-preserved areas. 

The rights to do such travelling, and/or sight-seeing, and/or camping, and/or hiking and/or mountain climbing, and/or photographic trips, and/or exploratory expeditions, or rescueing efforts, etc., should be protected by law. 

Such rights should already have been fairly much protected by constitutional law already, as in the Holy Bible, the English Magna Charta of 1215, the Englishman's Bill of Rights of 1688, the United States of America (USA) Declaration of Independence of 1775-1776, the USA Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, the Gettysburg Address, USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" concepts, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.


Both strategically and tactically, we should rescue each and every prey animal and/or human being who is attacked by a vicious predatory animal or by a vicious human predator or otherwise; who, whether such predatory animal, ignorantly or under the influence of overpowering instincts or provocations or not; any such predatory attacker who attempts to take the life of any such innocent prey animal or human being, or anyone else thus attacking such an innocent prey animal or prey animals, other than in legitimate self-defense, should be opposed and defended against; non-violently and compassionately to as much extent as may be possible; needing in such opposition and defensive action, however, to justify any use of "deadly force", as police are much of the time required to do.

Similarly, we should protect such innocent prey animals or human beings, from effectively or outrightly malicious predatory human beings, i.e., in other words, we should protect them against mankind, i.e., from ourselves, as well.

Victims of animal predatory maliciousness need to be rescued from such maliciousness as much as any human victim of human crime needs to be rescued from human criminal maliciousness.

In other words, prey animals should be rescued from the attacks of predators. 

Prey animals should be rescued from predators and from other evils; and then taken to safety to agape'-loving homes and individuals and familiies and animal life sanctuaries and humane zoos; which although de-famed by some persons, are very much more apt to be better than to be being forced to live alone in the wilds to be at the mercy of evil predators and to be facing starvation and the bitter cold and/or heat and other life-threatening stresses of the bitterly severe and harsh environments of Nature.

However, those sanctuary homes and environments of safety should have adequate safety and rights of privacy including the ongoing right to at any time to choose between being in relative isolation from others on the one hand, or on the other hand, to be in community with others. 

And although I have so far only browsed in it, please see the book, Privacy and Freedom by Alan F. Westin.

Police should defend animal life as well as human life.

The Military should defend animal life as well as human life.

Strategies, tactics, and weaponry for protection and/or defense could hopefully and eventually become completely non-lethal and non-injurious; entirely.

Research and Development (R & D) of such kinder weaponry should be engaged in much more than has been already done previously in history.

We each and everyone of us all should attempt to refrain from harming anyone.

Major world wide efforts should be made to adopt cruelty-free food for everyone, including for the animals; instead; advocating such cruelty-free food to everyone.

Also, particularly, please see literature by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, concerning the "catch and release" concept as practiced by some fishermen, about its supposedly not causing harm to fishes, by catching them with a fishing pole and fishing line and hook and then however, ostensibly kindly and well intentioned-ly, releasing them back into the water where they came from.

That "catch and release" practice however, although probably well-meaningly engaged in by many fishermen for admittedly good reasons of attempting to have compassion on such fishes; notwithstanding, that practice, however, reputedly causes much severe pain and injury to the fishes' mouths thusly so caught; such a practice thereby causes much pain from the sharp hook injuries which incur to the inside tissues of the fishes’ mouths to the point of its apt to be being painfully a threat to the fishes’ healths and lives therefore.

And as well, since those sharp hook injuries to the fishes’ mouths might become infected by bacteria or by viruses or by other such microbes; and since such wounded tissues may become chemically and/or biochemically attacked by deleterious chemicals and/or biochemicals in the water that might gain access to a fish's bloodstream through the injured tissues’ broken blood vessels, therefore the fish might possibly suffer severe metabolic distress or even die from one or more of those factors, or from bleeding, or from some other maleficent agent related to those injuries.

Therefore it would definitely be better to refrain from such malpractices entirely.

Help us please, Almighty Lord God Yahovah; in Yahshua's Holy Name.

Thank You, God.