Recommended books and publications:

 Baptist minister Henry H. Halley allegedly memorized the entire Holy Bible and thereafter gave recitals of entire books of the Bible to audiences; narrating them entirely from memory alone; from which recitals Halley's Bible Handbook was produced; which, although a little outdated, has some excellent paragraphs: such as one about secret prayer; and another about Bible study that shows a man seated at a desk studying the Bible.

It has been said and/or implied by many knowledgeable and wise persons that it would be very worthwhile to obtain, or to gain access to, but preferably to own, and then to read, and then to thoroughly study, and some people say then even to memorize, and thus to "hide in your heart" God's holy word The Holy Bible: according to the holy-scripture-elucidated principle, "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." (Psalm 119:11, King James Version (KJV)):

To thus obtain, or to gain access to, or to own, and then to read, and then to study, and then to memorize, a copy of The Holy Bible such as The New Scofield Study Bible , King James Version (abbreviated "KJV"), published by Oxford University Press, 1998;

And/or a more recent Study Bible, such as in particular, The NKJV Study Bible , New King James Version (or NKJV), Full Color Edition, by Nelson Publishers, 2014;

Or such as The Chronological Study Bible, New King James Version (or NKJV), by Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, 2008;

Or such as The Jeremiah Study Bible by Dr. David Jeremiah; by Worthy Publishing, 2013.  

To find out more about this Bible, and/or to purchase a copy or copies of it, just click on this link: .


Or other thorough Study Bibles or Bibles, and if possible, for such to be obtained in waterproof durable format.

Although, some sources claim or say that the older King James Version (KJV) is the most accurate compared to other translations as far as its having been translated from an allegedly more accurate ancient Holy Bible manuscript, possibly the Textus Receptus; or "Received Text"; in spite of the many 1611 King James Version (KJV) era words having since then changed their meanings to the point of some words having, nowadays, completely opposite meanings compared to the original 1611 meanings of those original 1611 words.

Thus, for such King James Version Bibles, perhaps it would be worthwhile to include in each, a list of the words whose meanings have changed since 1611; including both the meanings of those words in 1611, as well as their present day meanings; and possibly the etymological history of how the meanings of those words have changed down through the centuries; and why.

Study Bibles are very helpful many times because they include essential historical and cultural background information and other explanatory material that can assist with comprehending the otherwise sometimes difficult-to-understand holy text.

Although, some people have said that God's Holy Spirit can help a person to comprehend such potentially difficult to understand concepts; in spite of there possibly not being supplementary material to help explain the text.

Also, here are some other edifying publications that I personally would recommend, and that I would also like to see available in waterproof and/or in enhanced durability and longevity formats, although for one person to lug all of these around themself might be somewhat arduous, since at the present time, paper books and paper publications and cd's/dvd's/brd's weigh so much.

Therefore, listed here are some recommended Christian tracts and Christian books publications; and also listed here are some other helpful books and publications in various other formats such as films and videos.

-From the editor of this website.


Recently recommended Christian tracts publications and other possibly helpful publications:

1. God's Simple Plan of Salvation , an indispensible fundamental essentials of soul salvation tract by Robert Ford Porter. Please see the publisher's website at . Telephone: (317) 831-3800 . FAX (317) 831-3808. Postal mailing address: Lifegate, Inc., P.O. Box 5, Monrovia, IN 46157

2. The Christian's Guide, a very helpful, encouraging tract booklet by Alfred P. Gibbs, possibly out of print at the present time; but previously published by Good News Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois; or Westchester, Illinois. There is another address at Good News Publishing, 336 W Army Trail Rd, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 United States, but this address may be for newspaper publishing of some sort. Website: .

Telephone: (630) 682-4300. Postal mailing address: Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

I hope that they are o.k. there. God please help them if they need your help. Thank You.

3. Guidance Guidelines; possibly by Katie Fortune; a very helpful, encouraging tract booklet that mentions spiritual warfare concepts.  It admonishes persons not to involve themselves with occultic attempts at controlling or overpowering other persons.  Here is the book/publication identification number: ISBN: 978 093 075 603 1; and here are two other tract booklets by the same author:

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Passive Mind , ISBN: 978 093 075 625 3, and

Receive All God Has to Give, ISBN: 978 093 075 600 0, tracts/booklets;

All three publications were apparently written by Katie Fortune; but Guidance Guidelines is seemingly out of print at the present time; but possibly available somehow from Discover Your Gifts, 20126 Ballinger Way NE #120, Shoreline, WA 98155-1117. Website: .

Previously, Guidance Guidelines was published by Aglow Publications, or Women's Aglow, or some such similarly named organization. There is an organization called Aglow International, 123 2nd Ave. S., Suite 100, Edmonds, WA 98020. Its website is: .
Email: Telephone: (877) 929-3020. FAX: (425) 778-9615.

Thank you, Katie Fortune.  Almighty Lord God Jehovah, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Please help and defend her and every one else who may feel threatened by their having written literature that may be unpopular among those who harass and overpower others and who may intend to do others harm.


4. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? (WJEMT?), produced and distributed by the Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA); a booklet that expounds on about how we should have merciful Christian compassion on all animals; probably as well as on all human beings; possibly especially that we should have pity and love for such animals who are so severely mistreated and even mercilessly and vile-ly and heinously murdered and butchered on factory farms and elsewhere; 

And it's about how we can help at least a little bit by our not "being complicit" as Ralph Waldo Emerson has said concerning such topics; to help the animals at least a little bit by our not being complicit, and by our not being accessories to their demises; to not be complicit with their murders by our eating meat derived from their slaughter:

"You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity."

-A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, from

"Fate," of Essays and Lectures.

Read more at: .

We can thus help a little, by our attempting to eat vegetarian/vegan foods instead;

And by our attempting to adopt a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle concerning other Reverence for Life related matters; such as for each of us to attempt to purchase and to use cruelty-free clothing, cruelty-free medicines, and cruelty-free household products; and by each of us attempting to convince others to attempt to thusly be more non-complicitly compassionate, too;

And to ponder as to how possibly we each could help those poor pitiable animal creatures of God who are seemingly so uncaringly and/or malevolently being mistreated; and such creatures as are so outrightly being murdered and butchered seemingly without much hope in persons' successfully attempting remedy-ings of such malpractices, in sight, yet.

"Animals are God's creatures, not human property, nor utilities, nor resources, nor commodities, but precious beings in God's sight." -a quote by Reverend Andrew Lindsey, included in this WJEMT? booklet.

Also, "They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain." -Isaiah 11:9.

And, "Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful." -Luke 6:36.

This booklet, titled Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? (WJEMT?), produced by the Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA); for the present time is apparently being liable to be being replaced by a newer, shorter booklet, titled Compassionate Eating (CE) also by the CVA but which said longer more thorough previous booklet, WJEMT?, is much more plentiful in helpful information, but is possibly only yet available to the Public until existing copies run out.

Hopefully these booklets can be brought back into print and distributed strategically and tactically. They have been available from Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA); Website address: . Contact the CVA at: U.S.A. P.O.B. 201791, Cleveland, OH 44120; phone/fax 216-283-6702. U.K. Foresta Pines Rd., Liphook, GU30 7PL, phone 01428 723747.

Also please see Christian Vegetarian Association UK at website address: .

5. "The Slaughter of the Innocent", an article possibly by Janet Regina Hyland (also known as J.R. Hyland), in the online magazine called Humane Religion (HR) magazine ; with website address ; such website and other associated websites being related to the very helpful and encouraging Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation.

Here is a link to this essay on this website.  Just click on this link: Innocents Slaughter .


This article is about the relationship between the sacrifice of animals at the Jerusalem Temple in ancient Israel and the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago during the brutally cruel Roman Empire.

-Please see the "Humane Religion" page of this website which contains a copy of that article, "The Slaughter of the Innocent"; written by J.R. Hyland.

"Of course the slaughtered animals lost all control of their bladders and kidneys. The smells, the frenzy of the dying creatures, and the endless buckets of blood thrown on the altar in the name of God, make it obvious that this ritual of terror and violence was the worship of an idol. This god-of-the-slaughter was created by human beings in their own, fallen image."

"Because this slaughter of the innocent was idolatrous worship, Isaiah and the other Latter Prophets had called for the end of sacrificial religion. But they had not taken action against the Temple cult. Now, hundreds of years later, Jesus Christ, who began his ministry claiming to be the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy (Luke 4:16-20) took direct action against that system."

"And mainstream Christianity still teaches that in the past it was legitimate to kill God's creatures on His altars; that it was God who demanded this violent, murderous worship. This perverse characterization of a loving Creator who demanded the murder of both human and nonhuman beings, is blasphemous. These modern descendants of the Scribes and Pharisees make a mockery of the loving God whom Jesus came to reveal. And they make a mockery of His attempt to end the horror of animal sacrifice; an attempt that ultimately led to his death."

"Preaching against the religious establishment was one thing; trying to overthrow the sacrificial system which was its foundation, was another. After he did that, nothing would be forgiven him. Jesus disrupted the Temple worship on 10 Nisan. By the 14th, he was dead. Like the innocent animals he tried to free he, too, was killed--in the name of God."

6. War on the Saints (WOTS) a book by Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts, a book about how evil spirits, although regarded by many contemporaries as mere superstitions erroneously believed in by ignorant primitive aboriginal natives, this book is apparently about how such evil spirits are believed by the authors, and by a number of other knowledgeable believers; about how such evil spirits are believed to be very real metaphysical entities that actually exist, and which are related to Satan, i.e., Lucifer the Devil, the Arch-Enemy of God; whom however, according to some sources, will ultimately be conquered by Almighty God and brought to judgment for his evil wicked malevolence towards God's creatures; including towards us human beings;

Which said evil spirit entities bitterly hate us and plague us human beings by their multitudinous maliciousnesses towards us human beings; with seemingly they being against the animals as well as against us; in particular, apparently, with them exerting particular malevolence towards Jews and Christians, attacking us increasingly more and more, the more knowledgeable we become about their evil and wicked activities;

Which said evil spirits cause manifold spiritual, psychological, somatic, psychiatric, financial, and sociological problems for us;

But which, according to WOTS, allegedly can be combatted by us if we wisely use holy scripture writings of The Holy Bible to address particular problems that we or others may have; and by us with God's help attempting to refrain from sinning; and by us with God's help attempting to refrain from becoming or remaining passive; which brings to mind a quote from this book, namely that:

"The chief condition for the working of evil spirits in a man, apart from sin, is passivity." That saying is a quote from this book called War on the Saints (WOTS) by Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts.

This book, War on the Saints (WOTS), is available in the abridged version, from Christian Literature Crusade; P.O. Box 1449; Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034.  Or, please see  and/or  .

There are also available copies of the unabridged version; on the Internet and possibly in print, also.

Thus, we each of us need to ask Almighty God, by praying to Him in what some persons have referred to as "the Sinner's Prayer", asking Him to forgive each of us of all of our sins, in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's holy name, and for each of us to ask God for God's help for each of us to refrain from sinning; and we thus similarly each need to ask God's help for each of us to make efforts for each of us to be active, rather than to be passive.

Therefore, rather than allowing ourselves to sin, or to be passive and thus to be liable to be under the evil control and abject subjugation to such evil spirit entities; we should sincerely ask Almighty God for His powerful Holy Spirit help for us.

Thus we need to voluntarily co-operate with God's Holy Spirit of liberty, righteousness, holiness, purity, justice, mercy, faith, forgiveness of sins, agape'-love and true concern for the well-being of others; concerning His intents to restore us: spirit, soul, and body to optimal wholesome health and holy wholesome well-beingness.

Relatedly, there is a quote from The Holy Bible that says something such as "Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty.":


Quoting from the Blue Letter Bible of the Internet, we have:

2 Corinthians 3:17. "Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."


2Co 3:17

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Please see: .


This book, War on the Saints (WOTS), is a book written by the daughter of an engineer who allegedly was also the daughter or granddaughter of a Methodist minister, she being named Jessie Penn-Lewis; in collaboration with English/Welsh revivalist of the early 20th century, Evan Roberts; and this book is published by Christian Literature Crusade (CLC); P.O. Box 1449; Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034. Please see the CLC websites at and .

7. Spiritual Warfare , a book also by Jessie Penn-Lewis.

8. The Founders' Bible is a Bible that is said to describe our USA Founding Fathers' fundamental Christian beliefs: It is implied that those beliefs included Holy Bible quotings and philosophizings about forming our USA colonial government that was to be based upon Judeo-Christian biblical principles and also on at least partially-biblically-based Natural Rights Philosophy.

This particular Founders' Bible edition allegedly uses The New American Standard Bible (NASB) version for at least part of its text.

Admittedly, I do not know enough about this book, as much as I would like; although I would like to obtain a copy of it, eventually. I have not had the money to be able to afford to purchase this Bible yet, though, and so therefore I am somewhat, although not completely, ignorant about what it contains; but many times I have watched, and I have appreciated Pastor David Barton's excellent teaching on Daystar and/or TBN television broadcasting networks programs.

Pastor David Barton has presented much such at least partially-biblically-based Christian Natural Rights Philosophy philosophical material about respect for Life and Liberty and about Christian principles of just, but compassionate, merciful government. It apparently has been edited and/or prepared by and/or contributed to by American historian and pastor David Barton himself; who also is a central figure who apparently has helped with the worthwhile and worth-pondering online material of the website, which presents needed information about, whether true or not, seemingly ominous developments in our USA local and federal governments and populace concerning Christians and Christianity in the USA nowadays.

December 6, 2015 update: I have finally visited The Founders' Bible website.

Here is the URL address. To get a free previewing of this book, just click on this link: .

To find out more about this Bible and/or to purchase a copy or copies of it, just click on this link: .



9. "Was Jesus a Vegetarian?", a website article (Please see this link: ); and other articles by Keith Akers and others at the website:

Allegedly, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's brother, James the Just, was raised by his parents as a vegetarian, according to Eusebius, an ancient historian. Therefore, plausibly his parents and thusly also our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's parents were also vegetarians, and therefore possibly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was also a vegetarian as well.

Also, it is allegedly stated somewhere that all of the twelve Apostles, and possibly a large many of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's early followers abstained completely from both meat and wine.

10. The New Scofield Study Bible edited by C.I. Scofield and others, published by Oxford University Press, New York 1998.

11. "The Moral Equivalent of War", a 1910 essay by William James. Please see the following website: .

12. The Martyr of the Catacombs, a book whose author is unknown by this author at the time of these notes; a small book depicting early Roman-Empire-era persecuted Christians in Rome who, when their lives were threatened, fled downwards to seek refuge in the underground catacombs cemetery/mausoleum tunnels underneath the city of Rome; to attempt to escape arrest and possible or certain death:

I specifically remember the saying mentioned in the book that included the phrase something to the effect of "...Unto Him that loved us and who forgave us and washed us from our sins and gave Himself for us ..." or some such wording as that.

13. Halley's Bible Handbook by Baptist minister Henry H. Halley, who allegedly had memorized the entire Bible. He gave recitals of entire books of The Holy Bible, entirely by memory.

14. Uncle Tom's Cabin, a book by Harriet Beecher Stowe; which was a book which brought to light the plight of the slaves in the southern slave-holding Confederate States of America and who, said author Harriet Beecher Stowe, according to U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, was instrumental in starting the U.S. Civil War of circa 1861-1865; which, under the leadership of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, the northern abolitionist Union States of America fought, eventually successfully, to free the slaves from that oppression and slavery. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln made The Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, which announced that the slaves were as of then officially declared to be free. See Cliff's Notes website at: .

However, allegedly it was not the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863 that served as the legal foundation for freeing the slaves; but rather instead it was the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in December of 1865. Please see: .

15. A Tale of Two Cities, a literature classics novel by Charles Dickens, about the French Revolution which occurred sometime around 1790, not too long after the time of the American Revolution of 1776. Apparently, at first, the French Royalty and possibly the French Aristocracy were targeted, and possibly persons in those groups were blamed for France's problems, and then beheaded by guillotining. But later, the accusations of treason and the alleged guiltiness and the resulting beheadings because of which; somehow, however, those beheadings began to be wrongfully meted out on innocent persons; and it became a Reign of Terror against the entire populace, including a campaign of murder against many innocent persons. Please see the website at .

16. China Cry, a film about the true story a Chinese woman, Nora Lam, who is arrested and sent to a Communist Chinese prison work camp; but who is miraculously saved by God from the bullets of a firing squad; after she had been sentenced to be executed for being a Christian in a Communist-controlled area. It was on either Daystar Christian Television Network or Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) this past few years or so. A dvd of this film can be gotten from TBN for a donation to Trinity Broadcasting Network; P.O. Box A; Santa Ana, California 92711. Also it can be viewed for free at:

17. Americana, (or some similar title), a film starring John Malkovich about a woman who is ostracized, badly treated and possibly even executed by the Communists in control, for the supposed "crime" of appreciating America; hence the name she was given: "Americana".

18. Auschwitz, author unknown at the present time, about the ghastly morbid details of Nazi poison gas murderings of Jews and others at Auschwitz.

19. Schindler's List, rated (R); a very well done film; although a partly perversity-oriented and violence-oriented film by Stephen Spielberg starring Lliam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, and Ralph Fiennes; It is about a German Nazi factory owner and businessman named Oskar Schindler (portrayed by Lliam Neeson); who, during WWII in Poland bargains with the Nazi authorities to save the lives of over 1100 persons of his Jewish work force from extermination in the Nazi death camps. It very realistically depicts the lethal severity of Nazi rule. carries it for sale.  Just click on this link:   .

Also, here is a link to view some free video clips samples of this film. Just click on it here:   .



20. The Silence of the Lambs, a psychosis-oriented and violence-oriented film probably rated (R) starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, about a psychotic psychiatrist named Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), who is interviewed by a young female FBI agent named Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster).

When referring to "a census taker" whom he ostensibly had murdered for some reason, Hannibal Lecter states that "I ate his liver with some Fava beans..."

When after Clarice Starling mentions to Hannibal Lecter that she had witnessed the slaughtering of baby lambs on a farm in her past life and that she had attempted to save one of the baby lambs by carrying it away with her; but that it was too heavy; and that later she apparently got arrested and the lamb that she had tried to save was put to death; and that she just couldn't get the screaming of those baby lambs as they were being murdered, out of her memory;

Eventually Lecter asks Starling something to the effect of as to whether or not she had yet gotten those emotionally painful memories out of her mind; even to the extent of her ostensibly becoming numb to the memory of the bleatings; with his asking a question to her such as:

"Clarice: Have the lambs stopped screaming yet?"

This dramatic thriller film can be construed to be about psychiatry; and about police attempts at protection of the innocent against murderers; and about reverence for life.

The full film can be viewed at: :// .http

Also, might sell dvd's of it.  Here is the link: .


21. The Postman, a film starring Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, and Olivia Williams, is about a plausible quasi-apocalyptic post-America era after the weather and climate have become severe and bizarre and after a war has left the American population decimated with only individuals and small groups subsisting as best that they can manage to do to eek out a living in which there are only isolated individuals and groups fending for themselves, left over afterwards. Kevin Costner portrays the man who later became known as "Shakespeare"; who apparently had been an actor/thespian vagabond wanderer in previous portions of his life, who becomes captured by a cruel para-military group named "the Holnists"; led by a heinous Klan-leader-despot named General Bethlehem; but he somehow escapes the Holnists camp to become a wanderer again.

Then afterwards, as he is traversing a rural road in the forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest on a bitterly cold and dark and rainy night, he somehow accidentally slips and falls; then slipping and sliding down a slope. He comes to a stop near to where there is a crashed U.S. Postal Service Jeep with the dead skeleton of its U.S. Postal Service Jeep driver inside.

Then he, Shakespeare the vagabond (portrayed by Kevin Costner), apparently to help himself to warm up from the bitter cold; he then dons the dead Jeep driver's official uniform; and after finding a lighter, he proceeds to burn letters and envelopes to further attempt to get warm; then later he takes with him the postman's shoulder pouch stuffed with postal mail in it; and then goes to a village to begin to attempt to deliver the mail to the persons to whom it was originally addressed; hoping somehow thereby to earn food and shelter for himself. 

He thus prospectively intends to travel between the various villages of the survivors of the climatic and political and sociological catastrophes that had brought the U.S.A. to a decimated near end; in spite of the fact that the U.S.A. had effectively speaking ceased to exist in its previous form; the nation then now not formally existing at all; but there being only scattered remaining smaller groups of persons attempting to subsist as best as they could manage to do.

Shakespeare (Kevin Costner), as the new postman, then attempts to recruit other volunteers to help him to make efforts to restore the U.S. postal delivery services to the various villages and towns of the Pacific Northwest; in spite of vigorous, deadly opposition by the cruel despotic tyrannical "Holnists" para-military Klan leader named General Bethlehem portrayed by Will Patton.  A dvd copy of it can be purchased from the online store for the regular price of $9.80 or $7.89 or whatever else.  

Please click on this link: .  

Also, another version of the full film can possibly be viewed online for free.  Here is the link.  Just click on this link:   .


22. The Fugitive, a film starring Harrison Ford, Tommie Lee Jones and Julianne Moore, about a bearded medical doctor, Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), who is wrongfully blamed and convicted for the home-intruder-caused murder of his wife. A prison bus carrying the recently unjustly convicted Dr. Kimble is caused to have an accident by a prison-bus-insurrection caused by the other prisoners who apparently had planned to escape by attacking the guards at a critical moment. The bus overturns and Kimble and another prisoner escape; narrowly somehow getting out of the way of an oncoming speeding train. A website on which this film can be viewed is: .

23. I pledge Allegiance to the Lamb, a very short online video about Christians of a few various eras and world localities of history who are persecuted by the world to the point of being arrested and/or executed for being Christians. Here are some websites that show it: and . and .

24. True Prosperity , a book by James Robison of Christian famine-relief-and-helps-for-others organization, Life Outreach International (LOI); about how we should be rich towards God by reaching out to help others who may be less fortunate than we are; to attempt to help them to have the basic necessities of life that they need in order to survive and remain alive; such charitable help giving which is as according to teachings given to us by Almighty God in many of the Holy Spirit inspired 39 written holy books of the Old Testament (O.T.) and the Holy Spirit inspired 27 written holy books of the New Testament (N.T.) of The Holy Bible; inspired by Almighty God and written down on scrolls-books and possibly on codex-books by many human authors down through the centuries and millennia.

25. The Declaration of Independence which was apparently assigned by the Continental Congress to be written by USA Founding Father and later 3rd President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson around 1775. It apparently was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

26. The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights Amendments to it; apparently drafted, legislated, and passed by the Continental Congress of the United States of America, circa 1775-1795.

27. The Gettysburg Address; a speech delivered in two minutes on November 19, 1863 by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln; he attempting to commemorate the American lives lost in the U.S. Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 1-3, 1863. Allegedly, there were over 50,000 casualties there; with approximately 7,000 of those casualties being fatalities there in three days time; with most of the 50,000 casualties being injuries, apparently; and the rest of the casualties being men who were counted as missing; all of those casualties occurring in only three days' time; with the total dead for the entire civil war being possibly 620,000: which was allegedly the largest number of persons killed per war of all of America's wars. Please see .

28. U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (FDR's) State of the Union address on January 6, 1941 in which he advocated his principles of "The Four Freedoms" that he believed should be respected everywhere around the world:

1. Freedom of speech.

2. Freedom to worship God in one's own way.

3. Freedom from want.

4. Freedom from fear.

Please see the Wikipedia article at: .

29. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly, circa 1945 or thereabouts.

30. The Civil War, a very well done film series with excellent pictures and music from the era, about our US Civil War of 1861-1865; a film series directed by Ken Burns. Please see the PBS website at: .

31. The Red Badge of Courage, a short literature classics book about a U.S. Civil War soldier who panics in the middle of battle and runs from the front lines to attempt to save his own life, a book by Stephen Crane.  Full Audiobook by Greatest Audiobooks.  Here is the link: .

32. Air Force One , starring Harrison Ford, a film about a U.S. President (portrayed by Harrison Ford) whose U.S. Government official plane, Air Force One, is hijacked and dominated by armed terrorists.

33. Gandhi, a film starring Ben Kingsley, about Mahatma Gandhi, who apparently was a Hindu pacifist who non-violently led India in its struggle to achieve nationhood and independence from Great Britain.  Here is a link to the trailer: .

And here is a link to the full movie free online: .

34. The Liberator , a U.S. Civil War era abolitionist anti-slavery newspaper periodical publication by William Lloyd Garrison, a Christian abolitionist and Christian pacifist.

And also, here are some other listings of such hopefully helpful publications, although with redundancies, since some books and/or other publications may already have been listed in other lists included herein on this page of this website:

List of Possibly Helpful Books and Publications:

The Amplified Bible;

The New American Standard Bible (NASB);

Parallel Bibles with several translations included side by side simultaneously so that the various versions, (including Hebrew and Greek interlinear versions) can be compared with each other.

Halley’s Bible Handbook by Baptist minister Henry H. Halley, who allegedly had memorized the entire Holy Bible and gave recitals of entire books of the Bible from such memorizations; entirely from memory. Here are three links concerning prospective purchasing: ;

and: ;

and: .

Eerdman’s Handbook to the Bible .

The Plan of God, a booklet by Colonel R.B. Thieme, Jr., and other booklets written by him, possibly yet available from Berachah Tapes and Publications, 5139 W. Alabama, Houston, Texas 77056. (This address is from more than twenty years ago and may have changed since then).

The Spiritual Man, and other books by Watchman Nee; from Christian Fellowship Publishers, 11515 Allecingie Parkway, Richmond, Virginia 23235.

The Joyful Heart, daily meditations essays by Watchman Nee, from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois.

War on the Saints, by Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts, from The Overcomer Literature Trust, Limited; 10, Marlborough Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH14 OHJ, England, and from The Christian Literature Crusade; P.O. Box 1449, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034.  Please see also their websites: and .  

Science and the Bible videocassette series, possibly available from a Portland, Oregon tape library somewhere.

Christianity Today magazine; possibly published from Carol Stream, Illinois or Wheaton, Illinois.

The Christian’s Guide, a very helpful little booklet by Alfred P. Gibbs; now possibly, at least for the present time out of print, from Good News Publishers, possibly located in Wheaton, Illinois; or alternatively possibly from Good News Publishers, Westchester, Illinois

Defeated Enemies by Corrie Ten Boom; available from Christian Literature Crusade, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034

Guidance Guidelines , and other publications by Katie Fortune, a booklet now possibly out of print but previously available many years ago from Aglow Publications, Lynnwood, Washington;

Spiritual Warfare, by Jessie Penn-Lewis, being Gleanings from Open Conference Hours, from The Overcomer Literature Trust, 3 Munster Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, BHI4 9PS, or from agents in the USA: The Christian Literature Crusade, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034;

Hal Lindsey’s books, including The Late, Great, Planet Earth ; one of which has a discussion of a particular variety of general forgiveness of sins; including specifically, forgiveness pertaining to sins against the Holy Spirit. The concept is that most if not all sins are able to be forgiven; and that included with that concept is the concept that possibly even speaking against the Holy Spirit can be forgiven; and that if there ever is any sin which is not forgiveable, that it is the sin of not accepting the free forgiveness of sins that is offered to each and every one of all of us individuals of mankind because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s voluntarily dying on the cross and being resurrected from the grave by His Father, Almighty Lord God Jehovah; or alternatively described, His Father Yah (possibly related to which is the word of exclamation "Hallelujah" which may mean "Praise to Yah" ; or His name might be Yahovah, or Yahweh, or Yahoweh, or Adonai, or the LORD; Who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's (Adonai Yahshua ha Mashiakh's) Father; and Who allegedly is our heavenly Father, also, or Who can become our heavenly Father if we allow Him to become so, also. In other words, Almighty God's holy agape'-love and amnesty and forgiveness are freely offered to us by God, but we must accept that freely offered agape' love and amnesty and forgiveness by God in order for those merciful provisions by God for us to be of adequately more help to us.

The Biblical Illustrator, a magazine published quarterly by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 127 Ninth Avenue, North, Nashville, Tennessee 37234;

The Creation Series by Kent Hovind, 15 hours of presented audio-visual material on 7 DVD's about Creationism vs. Evolutionism. This series is an excellent set of discussions with many fascinating facts, claims and viewpoints. It is very well documented with footnotes and references. "It seems sure to spark debates." It is by a former high school teacher, Kent Hovind. Available from

The Blue Letter Bible of the Internet has possibly at least 10 different translations of the Holy Bible available for studying, online. Also Strong's word numbers are included for the King James Version as well. This and other Internet Bibles and books and other literature can speed up library research and Bible study. It has been very helpful.

There are also Hebrew-Greek-English Interlinear Bibles on the Internet that can be very helpful also.

The Dreams and Mysteries television program with John Paul Jackson on Daystar Christian Television Network, tuesdays 10:00a10:30 am Pacific Time.  Website at: . Telephone: 1-800-538-5285.

The Billy Graham Crusade Classics television program on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), on Tuesdays at from 9:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Time (PT); on Thursdays at from 3:00 pm to 4;00 pm PT; and on Saturdays at from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm PT.  Please see their website at: .

Telephone: 1-877-772-4559.

And also, here is another such list:

Other Possibly Helpful Books and Publications:

Our Ancient Liberties, by Leon Whipple.

Privacy and Freedom, by Alan F. Weston.

In God We Trust, author unknown.

Fundamental Liberties of a Free People, possibly by Milton Konvitz;

The English Philosophers from Bacon to Mill, edited with an introduction by Edwin A. Burtt, Professor of Philosophy, Cornell University.

The History of Early Modern Europe, possibly by Eugene Rice.

Literature of Liberty, a journal found in the library stacks of a nearby university; containing a collection of essays discussing aspects of Liberty, and problems of Liberty, and published possibly sometime between 1970 and 1990, and then apparently discontinued.

The writings of Jessie Penn-Lewis, Watchman Nee, Corrie Ten Boom, plus those of the authors cited in those books, such as those of Ray Strachey, Hannah Whitall Smith, Dr. H. Hensley Henson, J.C. Metcalfe, J.L. Nevius, and possibly others.

The Overcomer, a periodical, possibly published in England.

The Life of Faith, also a periodical, also possibly published in England.

Books and/or other publications containing the writings of the Apostolic Fathers.

May it be herein proposed that there would be compiled and printed and/or published a handbook similar to a Boy Scout Handbook, except that it would be for orphans and/or for children of one parent families, and/or for ignorant persons in general, which may apply to everyone, actually, in some respects, with practical advice of various sorts concerning various topics, with an index, or what might be even better, with a concordance, as with reference or study Bibles, as well as an index. Such a handbook could be of use to orphans and other persons in those categories. This book could contain short, or otherwisely-lengthed essays of helpful varieties about various likely to be encountered problems in life, by various wise and knowledgeable and helpful persons. That being, however, provided preferably that such orphans and other persons could either learn to read and write somehow by themselves, or that they could be taught to read and write well, which would probably be much better, since many times it is very helpful to have a teacher and/or teachers to help such a person to learn fundamental concepts and to acquire essential skills better.

Also, possibly an index, or indexes, or a concordance, or concordances, of sermons written and/or preached by various persons down through history concerning various topics, could also be of use to persons in those categories, or of use to others as well.

Possibly it could also be of use to develop and to make affordably available a handbook for reading either for themselves or on behalf of others, for literate but poor persons who may because of their poverty have to scrounge through garbage dumps or dumpsters, etc, for leftover food or for other items, them otherwise intending to either attempt to eat such leftover food or to obtain items such as discarded aluminum cans or discarded plastic items to sell to recycling stations for money for food or other necessities for themselves and/or for their families, if they have families, since there apparently are many orphans in the world:

A handbook that would discuss as well, for such poor persons, whether or not to trust such leftover food, or whether to trust other found food such as an unopened past-pull-date can of food discovered or found there or wherever else, how to tell if food such as food bank oatmeal with a stale or mildewy taste to it should be cooked longer than usually, to attempt to kill the germs or mildew or mold or to attempt to somehow detoxify other contamination of the food, or whether such a food should simply be thrown out or not; if however for example it is the only food available of that variety and is needed (such as for example, oatmeal to help with cardiovascular health by supplying oat fiber which allegedly may help to reduce cholesterol) or if it is the only food available at all;

Although for problems such as the problems of either glass or metal shards or fragments in such food, it would seem difficult to do much to have safe food when such contamination occurs;

Such a handbook could include advice concerning how such an orphan or other such poor person scrounging around in those garbage dumps could avoid cutting his/her barefeet on the broken glass and sharp metal pieces of discarded metal cans, etc, possibly, or even probably, liable to be encountered while involved in searching for sell-able items or food in such filthy garbage dumps with putrefying food garbage and excrement, and thereby such persons, particularly little poor and destitute children, including possibly orphans, they possibly becoming infected with serious, even life-threatening infections of bacteria, viruses, mold, or mildew, etc,

Therefore, such a handbook could discuss what to possibly do concerning such problems, if for example such a person is poor and cannot afford shoes or if such a person is a child in a poor family or is an orphan in an underdeveloped region of the world and who does not know about such needs for shoes, and who in spite of whether knowing about the need for such or not, simply cannot afford shoes, or food either.

Possibly there could be literature produced and distributed for affordablly low cost prices, on high quality holographic media, such as on the alleged holographic versatile disc (hvd) media; as well as on previous-now-becoming-passe' media modes of compact discs (cd's), compact discs-read only memory (cd-rom's), digital versatile discs (dvd's), digital versatile discs-read only memory (dvd-rom's), and blu-ray-discs (brd's), and blu-ray-discs read-only-memory (brd-rom's), etc., as well; concerning the audio-visual literature, and also concerning discs and/or whatever else formats are worthwhile, to present print literature also, of the titles and topics discussed in this list and/or of the titles and topics of other such hopefully helpful-for-attempting-to-facilitate-defense-of-life-and-liberty-and-compassionate-justice-and-mercy-on-everyone-including-on-each-and-every-one-of-all-the-humans-and-animals-and-plants (Please see 1 Chronicles 16:33. From the Blue Letter Bible of the Internet, "Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the LORD, because he cometh to judge the earth.")-and-on-whomever-else-needs-to-be-had-mercy-on-and/or-to-be-rescued-and/or-helped-in-other-ways, lists.

Church history books.

Unabridged dictionaries of English.

General encyclopedias, such as Encyclopedia Americana, Academic American Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopedia, etc.

Let’s Get Well, by Adelle Davis, a sometimes veryhelpful nutrition book, although now out of print, copyright 1965 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. It was possibly most recently published as a Signet Book by The New American Library, Inc., 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019, First Signet Printing, November, 1972. The Adelle Davis Foundation has mentioned that it may have this book brought back into print.

Other nutrition books by Adelle Davis.

In Darkest England and the Way Out, by William Booth and Catherine Booth, founder(s) of the Salvation Army.

Reverence for Life, by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, M.D..

The Teaching of Reverence for Life, by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, M.D..

A Place for Revelation: Sermons on Reverence for Life, by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, M.D..

The Martyr of the Catacombs, a small short book whose author is unknown at the present time by mthis author;

Direct Use of the Sun's Energy, by Farrington Daniels;

Super Nutrition by Dr. Richard Passwater, M.D..

The New Super Nutrition by Dr. Richard Passwater, M.D.

True Prosperity by James Robison;

Jewish Literacy by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.

How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D.; only recorded earner of two unshared Nobel Prizes.

Orthomolecular Megavitamin Therapies books for individuals and families, by Dr. Abram Hoffer.


Fly Away Home, a family film starring Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels, about a little girl who adopts a flock of orphaned baby geese, who have been freshly hatched from Canadian geese eggs, who, said baby geese, have apparently "imprinted" on her, regarding her as their mother; and then accordingly, she then raises them, taking care of them as they grow older, and then teaching them to fly along with her in her family's ultralight airplane. carries it and also there is the trailer at:

Also, the entire film can be viewed at: .


Just Where I Belong, apparently also known as The Christmas Bunny, a family film starring Sophie Bolen and Florence Henderson, about a lonely foster child who, with her family, finds a stray injured rabbit on Christmas Eve and then lovingly rescues it, takes it home and caringly raises it as if it were her own pet rabbit, which said rabbit however, was later found to have been originally owned by an almost delinquent boy from another family, who later with his family visits the girl and her foster parents, and asks for the rabbit back again. However, the boy, mischievous and almost sporadically violent in his mannerisms, apparently would not be as likely to care for it with as much love, expertise, and compassion as she had had for it. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) shows it onscreen sometimes; including just recently; namely, it was shown 2015 December 5 Saturday, Pacific Time (PT) from about 2:00 pm to about twenty minutes before 4:00 pm; but as to whether any upcoming showing of it again is scheduled soon or not, TBN's schedule or TBN's telephone number would possibly need to be consulted. Please see the TBN website at: .

Also, Family Christian online store has it at present for about $6.97 before shipping costs are calculated. Please see: .

Also, here is the trailer supplied by .

2016 April 24 Sunday 4:22 am PDT update:  Here is the complete film online for free, apparently, but it still seems good to purchase a copy for family library use needs, also: .



Clancy, a Christian film about a 12-year old girl, Clancy (Christina Dawn Fougnie), whose mother is a drug addict who mistreats Clancy so much that Clancy runs away to the streets, where she attempts to fend for herself and becomes in danger; but she is rescued by the goodwilled watchful care of a wrongfully dishonorably discharged homeless veteran of the Gulf War, Nick (who is portrayed onscreen by Jefferson Moore). It is available for $12.99 on the Kelly's Filmworks website at:!/Clancy/p/61553017 . 

Also, if you can put up with foreign language subtitles (in this case, Romanian), then the entire film can be viewed for free after clicking on this link: . also offers it for sale; at various prices; some for less.  This is a very worthwhile film to see. Here is the link: .






Ponette, also apparently a Christian film about a little 4-year old French girl whose mother has been killed in an automobile accident, leaving little Ponette with an injured arm in a cast and who later is visited by her father periodically, after being left at a Christian orphanage or boarding school to be cared for.

This film is sometimes fairly much humorous (such as when Ponette asks her friend at the orphanage/boarding school about the orphanage/school chapel as to "Why does God have a room?"); and also is a very tender hearted, almost tear-jerking story of how she and her family and her fellow classmates attempt to get along with themselves and with each other.

Ponette can be viewed online in 10 parts, which follow one another automatically; at least as such is configured for now. Part 1 of the 10 can be accessed at the following website: .


"Vegan Rabbit"; a website with reverence for animal life quotes by well-known historical figures:


Amazing Facts Ministry: 


Jeremiah, a film that recently was shown on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN); about the Prophet Jeremiah of Old Testament Israel times. This film apparently depicts the life of Jeremiah leading up to the destruction of the kingdom of Judah and the carrying away of captives by the Babylonians to Babylon; Jeremiah whose writngs the Book of Jeremiah of the Holy Bible includes. Please see the YouTube website on which this film can be viewed: .


The Passion of the Christ, a film directed by Mel Gibson and starring Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci, Maia Morgenstern and Christo Jivkov. It depicts quite graphically the final earthly hours of the life of Jesus Christ, He being born on Earth at the first Advent more than 2,000 years ago, as a holy baby boy born in a Bethlehem, Israel stable's animal feeding trough, but since when his earthly father and mother, Joseph and Mary, with Him inside his pregnant earthly mother the virgin Mary, went from where Joseph and Mary, Jesus's earthly parents, from the city of Nazareth in the northern region of Israel near to the sea of Galilee; to Bethlehem, according to the laws of the Roman Empire to be registered possibly for taxation purposes; to the city of Bethlehem, but found no inn or hotel to stay in; they had to put up with having to stay in a stable instead; whilst they were in Bethlehem; even though Mary was pregnant and probably needed a better environment to give birth to her child in.

According to the four Gospel Books of The Holy Bible (which said Holy Bible is an anthology of 66 Holy Books (39 Holy Books in the Old Testament (O.T.) and 27 Holy Books in the New Testament (N.T.)); of which there are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; which are called the Gospels); our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was "conceived" by The Holy Spirit, rather than by Joseph, his earthly sociological father; and He, Jesus, (or in Hebrew, "Yahoshua", which apparently is abbreviated as "Yahshua", or "Yeshua" or "Yesh"); or in English, is "Joshua"; said Holy Name of His meaning possibly something such as "Jehovah is Salvation"; or "Yahuwah is salvation"; or "Yahovah is Salvation". He being born of his virgin earthly mother, the virgin Mary; without any marital sex relations between Joseph his sociological father and Mary his earthly mother; preceding; that holy, undefiled, pure, goodwilled, and faultless Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; and the Savior of all Mankind.

This very excellent full film can be viewed with the actors speaking in the original languages of the Roman Empire of Aramaic, Hebrew, and Latin, with English subtitles, at: .

Or, it can be viewed at:   .


"Eastern Gate of Jerusalem" discussed by Jacob Prasch: Please see website discussion at: .


First Knight, a film depicting King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It stars Sean Connery, Ben Cross, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond. The trailer can be viewed at:

The full movie can be viewed for free at:   .  


Powder : a film about a strange albino boy who by his "powers" causes a hunter to experience the pain and ebbing life force of a deer whom he has just recently shot; such that as a result, the hunter never wants to shoot another deer thereafter. This "deer scene" can be viewed by the following link: .



God's Not Dead ; a film about a Christian at a Christian college who must succeed at proving that God exists; elsewise his teacher will fail him.

Link where this film can allegedly be viewed for free: .


Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith ; A film about the Earthly parents of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what plausibly might have happened concerning Mary having become pregnant without any human being having had any relations with her; including Joseph her fiance'. As shown in this film, she was brought to the Jewish authorities to be questioned concerning her unplanned pregnancy and then found guilty and condemned to death by stoning.

Since it is an older film, probably, there is at present only a VHS videotape of it available from;  It is however, an excent film.  Perhaps a dvd or brd of it could be produced by someone.

But Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) showed it this evening, 2015 December 13. The future 2015 December upcoming dates and times of showing on TBN are available on TBN's website at: .


The Perfect Gift is a Christian film about Christmas season when a church is told by the city authorities that it has to take down its manger scene.  It stars Jefferson Moore and Christian Dawn Fougnie.  Daystar Christian Television Network has scheduled to show it Saturday December 26, 2015 at 6:30 am ET and 7:00pm ET.  Please see this link:  .


A Christmas Snow .  This is a film about a woman who is rescued by an old man from thugs who accost her in town while she is trying to unlock the door to her car in the middle of a Christmastime winter night.  She is rescued by an old homeless man who unsuccessfully to himself staves off the criminals apparently until they run away; leaving him unconscious on the snowy ground.  The woman then leaves him to his homeless plight temporarily until a little later when she "repents" and invites him to visit her family home for Christmas.  An exceptionally heavy snow then strands them there inside the house with a young girl guest of the woman who had been temporarily visiting her home. .


The Book of Daniel-Full Bible Christian Movie HD English 2014.  This film tells the story of Daniel the Prophet and his interactings with four different kings of the middle east: Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar. Darius, and Cyrus the Great.  It is a very well done dramatic film about kings and advisors and wisemen and wisdom referred to in the Holy Bible.

Here is the link to view this film for free.  Just click on it here:   .