Future Products List


Here are some for-the-future-to-be-offered-on-this-website-for-sale, innovative, energy-saving, and potentially life-saving products:



1. Products such as hand-cranked LED flashlights that can be charged up electrically by turning hand-cranked magnetos.


2. Products that can be electrically charged by only the action of sunlight falling upon photovoltaic cells (e.g., sunlight illuminating an array of solar cells), such as with sunlight-energized battery chargers:



3. Products that you also can electrically charge up; except that such would charge built-in capacitors, rather than to charge batteries: charging them just by shaking them, although the brightness is apt to be relatively a little bit low.

However, the brightness may be sufficient for emergencies in which at least some light is needed (the brightness being, although possibly relatively dim, being much better than the circumstance of needing to put up with having dead batteries or a burned out bulb, as with conventional flashlights, etc.). 

A good example of a product of this sort is the high-quality, durable, and dependable, although needing to be magnetically shielded somehow,

  • Unshielded Faraday-Induction-Principle Linearly Oscillating Magnet Magneto (U-FIPLOMM) "Nightstar" brand of Shake-a-Light LED (Light Emitting Diode) Flashlights, they being sealed units that float in water, and concerning which it is claimed that no batteries whatsoever are required in order for them to give out light; with their LED lamps allegedly lasting 10,000 hours or more; and with a 5-year limited warranty:

However, this particular "Unshielded Faraday Induction Principle Linearly Oscillating Magnet Magneto” (U-FIPLOMM) shake-a-light LED flashlight, as probably with other such shake-a-light LED flashlights,

A. May interfere with heart pacemakers;

and with

B. Computer hard disk drive memories, possibly even if they come near to the computer hard disk device within only an arm’s length (18”) away from it;

And such U-FIPLOMM's also may interfere with 

C. Other electronics circuitry devices, such as computer monitors and televisions, and may also interfere with

D. Credit/debit/ magnetic stripe plastic wallet cards, etc.

  • Therefore, much more further Research and Development (R&D) to protectively magnetically shield the strong magnetic fields of the strong linear magneto Neodymium magnets of this type of electrical product from ruining the functioning of heart pacemakers and from thus jeopardizing persons' lives; to thus save persons' lives, therefore;
  • And to shield from the effects of those  strong magnets ruining the data of such sensitive devices; is needed;
  • And much such R&D is muchly needed before such products as these can be more fully endorsed by this author.
  • Possibly, there should be a health and safety law that requires there to be sufficiently adequate magnetic shielding and/or other types of necessary shielding to protect persons and equipment against these types of serious threats to life and to essential equipment.  


4. Books about:

A. Nutrition and health:

1) The New Super-Nutrition by Dr. Richard A. Passwater, M.D..

2) Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians by Dr. Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., and Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D..

3) Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis, hardback from High Quality Books.

4) How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D.; the only recorded earner of two unshared Nobel Prizes; one in Chemistry, and the other a Nobel Peace Prize.


B. Solar energy: Please see Direct Use of the Sun's Energy by Farrington Daniels. 


C. Christian spiritual warfare literature: such as the following books:

1. War on the Saints (either or both the abridged version or the unabridged version) by Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts.

2. The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee.


3. Defeated Enemies by Corrie Ten Boom.

4. Between Christ and Satan by Kurt Koch, and:

5. The Divine Defense by Dr. Robert Jeffress, etc.

(Some of these books are also available through Christian Literature Crusade, P.O. Box 1449; 
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034.  [Also available at  www.clcpublications.com ].   
D. Health secrets literature in general (not just nutritional secrets literature) revealed by medical researchers, medical doctors, and Nobel Prize winners: by Bottom Line Books:

1. The World’s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets ; copyright by Boardroom, Inc,

2. Uncommon Cures for Everyday Ailments ; from the Editors of Bottom Line/Health.  
E. Portable electronic e-book reading-assistance devices, such as Kindle or Nook, except only if such portable reading devices could be available for sale without requiring those very annoying and potentially legally ensnaring EULAs (End User Licensing Agreements); or TOSAs (Terms of Service Agreements); or any other such similarly long, complicated, and tedious-to-read-through even, “binding agreements” that are required by many companies for prospective users to agree to in order to to purchase their software; or apparently, even to purchase their material products, or even to only use their software, or their websites.


5. Sun-powered stoves, and sun-powered ovens and sun-powered stills; such as:

A. Global Sun Oven. 

B. Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven.

C. Tulsi Solar Oven. 

D. Tulsi Solar Still.



6. Glory Star Christian satellite-dish television service , with

A. Do-it-yourself installation, or with

B. Professional installation, and

C. Allegedly with 70 free Christian channels; and

D. Allegedly, the only costs are for purchasing the equipment necessary to bring in the satellite signal and to supply the signal to your television receiver(s):

1) For one room, around $250, with shipping; with installation costs being additional (unless you install the system yourself).

2) For two rooms, around $350, with shipping; although the shipping costs for more rooms than just one may be more; with installation costs being additional (unless you install the system yourself).

3) For three rooms, around $450, with shipping, although the shipping costs for more rooms than just one may be more; with installation costs being additional (unless you install the system yourself): 

E. Thereafter, however, allegedly there are no monthly fees, at all.

[See www.glorystar.tv]




7. An LED adapter module that can turn most any 

A. Incandescent-bulb type of flashlight or incandescent-bulb lantern;


B. An LED flashlight or an LED lantern;


-Simply by replacing the existing incandescent bulb
of either the incandescent-bulb flashlight or the incandescent-bulb lantern with the appropriate small LED-lamp-adapter-converter-module-unit,

Which apparently can fit right in the same hole as the incandescent bulb did before it was replaced by the LED-lamp-adapter-converter-module-unit.